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SA Boerperd Classifieds


SA Boerperd Classifieds

Algemene advertensies: R50 / Perd - Maks 2 fotos en 100 woorde per perd. Sal na 6 weke verwyder word.
General advertisements: R50 / Horse - Max 2 photos and 100 words per horse. Will be removed after 6 weeks.
Veilings: R285, dit sluit die veilings advertensie en katalogus in. (BTW ingesluit)
Auctions: R285, this includes the auction advertisement and catalogue. (VAT included)

Navrae en plasings / Queries and placements:
Elize Prinsloo
E-mail: elize@studbook.co.za
Contact Nr.: 051 410 0952

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