SA Boerperd as Dressage Horse

Author: SA Boerperd Date Published: 31 August 2015

The essence of the SA Boerperd is captured in the versatility of the breed and due to the vision of a few people many years ago, several SA Boerperd bloodlines were introduced into the Breeders Association in the 1970’s. Since then, every horse which became a registered SA Boerperd, had to pass an inspection where correct conformation is of great importance.

With its natural good movement, attractive appearance and sensible temperament the SA Boerperd has recently excelled in the dressage arena for children, juniors and adults alike.

Johan de Klerk from Devondale SA Boerperd Stud:

  1. Won the Dressage Prelim North Gauteng Championship with his horse Devondale Yankee.
  2. Came second in the mini Dressage Championships in Kyalami with Devondale Yankee.

“A few qualities of the top of my head is a sound horse in limb and wind with outstanding conformation. The back must not be too short and the horses frame must fit into a triangle and definitely not into a square. There is no use in spending time and energy in schooling a horse that will only last for a few years. A horse with cadence and natural elegant movement is preferred and if the horse possesses the wow factor, so much better. The horse must have a strong mind and willingness to please the rider must come naturally. He must be forward going, drive from his hindquarters and work through his back. Collection must be easy for the horse to achieve. Gone are the days for stocky horses that ride clinically correct, as the dressage fraternity are looking for horses that are athletic and supple. There is a vast number of SA Boerperd that exhibit these qualities. Many dressage riders are starting to switch to the SA Boerperd and soon this will ultimate in being competitive at the highest levels.”

Mandy Hancke from the Hancke SA Boerperd Stud:

“Natural balance and good conformation is of the utmost importance when I select a young horse for dressage. He must also have rhythmic movement covering ground and with a clever mind. An athletic horse that work strongly from behind and step well underneath himself is not negotiable. The SA Boerperd is straightforward and very trainable and accept their work with ease. Our horse Soldaat, is a true example of these qualities.”

Koos Uys from Jurust SA Boerperd Stud:

  1. Danelle Theron participated at the 2010 SA Junior Dressage Championship with Jurust Brenda and achieved a 3rd and 5th place in Novice 3 and Novice 5.

We are very proud of Danelle Theron’s achievements in dressage with her two horses Jurust Brenda and Jurust Eggo and base our selection in the stud on calm temperament, intelligence, elegant movement and balance. Over the years we have used our own linebred stallions to breed a strong mother-line and introduced selective Carel Hancke and Lang Carel sires to expand our gene pool and successfully breed a truly versatile horse. Our horses  can be used as showing, dressage, pleasure and sporting horses and consists of big horses with fine features, strong legs and excellent conformation. The heritability of uniformity and constitution are strong character traits of our SA Boerperd stud.

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