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Our aim is to encourage and promote the breeding and improvement of the SA Boerperd.

SA Boerperd History

The SA Boerperd is a true South African breed, with a long and illustrious history intimately interwoven with that of civilization in South Africa. Its lineage can be traced back to shortly after the landing of Jan van Riebeeck in Table Bay in 1652, and the establishment of a halfway post to serve ships of the Dutch East Indian Company. The first phase of its history covers the period from van Riebeeck to the Great Trek northwards into the interior of the subcontinent in 1836. The first horses imported into the fledgling Cape colony were cross Berber-Arabian ponies imported from Java. Although breeding was initially slow, by 1665 sufficient numbers were available to sell to the free burghers. Continue reading...


SA Boerperd Disciplines

  • Showing (3 gaited & 5 Gaited)
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Driving
  • Eventing
  • Equitation
  • Saddle Seat
  • Western Riding
  • Endurance
  • Equine Arching




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SA Boerperd Membership

Active members of the SA Boerperd society will enjoy rights and privileges, and be eligible for election to the Board.



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SA Boerperd Characteristics


When one looks back upon the development of the SA Boerperd over the last 300 years, it becomes clear why this breed can claim the title of reliable, intelligent and trainable athletes. The SA Boerperd has, since its origin, been developed from most of the recognised horse breeds at that time - the advantage to the SA Boerperd was that the best could be taken from each breed, to contribute to his development!

  • Versatile
  • Even temperament
  • Eager to learn/please
  • Hardened
  • Suited to SA conditions
  • Rideability
  • Stamina


SA Boerperd
SA Boerperd
SA Boerperd
SA Boerperd


Wes-Kaap Streekkampioenskappe
Western CapeRegionalChamps
Riversdale ShowGrounds
20 -23 Februarie 2019
SA Boerperd @ HOY: KEP 23 February 2019
Mpumalanga Streekkampioenskappe
Mpumalanga RegionalChampionships
Ermelo ShowGrounds
6 -9 Maart 2019
FreeState RegionalChampionships
Bloemfontein ShowGrounds
29 April -2 May 2019
KZN Regional Championships
KZN Streekkampioenskappe
Royal ShowGrounds, Pietermaritzburg
27 -29 May 2019
Parys Afridome
24 -29 JUNE 2019
Gauteng Streekkampioenskappe
Gauteng RegionalChampionships
MistyMeadows, Pretoria
28 -30 November 2019

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